Improve Gleason Lake

All donations go directly to improve and preserve the lake and its watershed.

Items of Note:

  • The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has approved our invasive aquatic plant management permit to treat 19.27 acres of Curlyleaf Pondweed. The areas circled will be treated: 2022 Gleason Lake Curlyleaf Pondweed Treatment Map. We had the best control of CLP as we treated areas that have less dense weeds than we were able to in past years. This is due to the best relationships and quality control between GLIA Weed Mgr., MAC, Blue Water Science and DNR.
  • Our Virtual Spring Meeting was held on Sunday, February 27. To view the slides from the meeting, click here to view. The zoom meeting can be viewed by entering in the passcode: U36FA.=2. Please note the recording started a few minutes after the meeting.
  • Weed spraying forms were due to Midwest Aqua Care by end of February. If you missed the deadline, it may be possible to still get the second treatment. Please contact us, so we can assist you. More information on weed spraying can be found on Lake Health & Permits Page.
  • Reminder: No Wake Zone between the bridge/ south of peninsula.
  • If you are Gleason Lake resident and need to get your boat on the lake, please visit the Boaters page and fill out the Launch Usage Form at the bottom of the page.
  • Did you know you can adopt a drain?  Join the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District efforts to adopt a drain in your neighborhood to help keep the watershed clean.  It’s easy, sign up at the following link, confirm your address and drain to adopt, and then enter how much debris you remove.  Then tell your friends.  People all over the Twin Cities can be part of this effort.


To improve and preserve the beauty and quality of Gleason Lake and its watershed for the present and future.

To promote education in best management practices.

To work with other organizations and governmental agencies with similar objectives.

About Gleason Lake:

  • Gleason Lake borders Minnetonka, Plymouth, and Wayzata, Minnesota.
  • 3.89 miles of lakeshore
  • 160 acres of water area plus adjacent 14 acre wetland
  • Maximum depth of 16 feet; Average depth 5-10 feet
  • Volume: 400 million gallons
  • Gleason Lake Watershed: 3,900 acres, located primarily (95%) in Plymouth, with portions in Minnetonka and Wayzata. Involves an estimated 3,000 homes.
  • Gleason Lake is part of the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District. The health of Gleason Lake affects Lake Minnetonka (Wayzata Bay), Minnehaha Creek and the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico.