Lake Access

There is no public ramp access to Gleason Lake. The only ramp access to Gleason Lake is through private property. Donations for those who live on the lake and utilize the lake for recreation is recommended at the $300 level.

Please note: All boats (fishing, canoe, kayak, pontoon, other) should be clean and free of invasives. If a boat has been on another lake, the boat should dry out for at least 5-7 days before entering Gleason Lake.

Boater Guidelines

  • One skier up at a time.
  • Respect No Wake Zone (see image).
    • A no wake zone is generally defined as 5mph or “closed throttle” – driving in gear with no added throttle creating no visible wake.
    • Please respect this low shoreline area as a no wake zone to protect the shoreline and the fishing areas. 
    • Use sound judgement. Please keep the neighborhood peace and quiet in mind and be respectful of wildlife habitat.
  • If your boat has been on another lake, the boat should dry out at least 5-7 days before entering our lake.
  • Review the Boating Safety Guide. All boaters are subject to the Minnesota Personal Watercraft Laws.

Lake Condition

Curlyleaf Pondweed has been minimized on our lake. The native coon tail and white lily pads and high level of vegetation rate the water quality a C+ (2013) by DNR standards due to high phosphorous in algae in late summer. The lake is 5-7’ shallow and has a soft mud bottom. Some manage to ski in the south bay and kayak, canoes, pontoons and fishing boats are suggested.

How Do I Get My Boat On The Lake?

  • Boat access is via private property only.
  • Fill out GLIA website form for launch access questions.
  • NO GUARANTEE of future ramp use – launch at your own risk.